MMARQUISE is a precious clothing brand which distinguishes itself by the refinery of elements and demi-couture tailoring techniques, which translate into noble and feminine fabrics, that embody bold and exquisite contemporary forms.

Inspired by the elegance of princely outfits, as suggested by its name, M.MARQUISE is dedicated to feminine beauty, with particular attention to perfect proportions, indulgement in fine textures and infinite care for handmade embroidery.

The brand can easily be considered as a contemporary, more refined transposition of the exciting outfits of the eighteenth century, addressing the sophisticated woman which defies trends, knowing that a handmade dress with fine embroidery and accessorized with feathers or pearls will speak for itself in terms of style.

“M.Marquise designs royalty in the shape
of a dress”

It was in 2008 when Andreea Mărcuță first started to create based on her innate sense of style and love for fashion.

After four exciting years of developing her first ready-to-wear brand, and with it a close circle of friends and clients, Andreea dared to follow her true passion and take the next step towards eveningwear design. In 2013, her enthusiasm for couture-inspired tailoring techniques resulted into her most loved and acclaimed project, the M.Marquise brand.

This is where she could express her interest towards the lavish budoirs of the eighteenth century, her main source of inspiration. With lace as a signature detail in her designs, her dresses seemed to have found the perfect balance between provoking femininity, assumed opulence and a fresh and contemporary twist.
Immersing herself in the entire creative process and forming more than just a team around her, Andreea succedeed in just one year to expand the M.Marquise brand to two other lines, The Wedding Collection for future brides and Princess M.Marquise, dedicated to the little fashionistas.

Two years away from the launch, Andreea is coordinating her business now present in six cities across Europe and Asia and eagerly working to introduce M.Marquise to the entire world.